Small Groups


Sermon Study Guides are now available!

Each week there is a sermon study guide available to use for small groups, family or personal devotions that provides a sermon outline, a place for notes, and study questions for further study. If you missed Sunday, you can access the study guides by going to the Sermon Study Guide page and clicking on one of the Sermons. Each Sermon Study Guide is available after you click on the Sermon for that same week.

At Grace we believe it is crucial for everyone to be in a small group!

      It’s a great place to make friends that last a lifetime.
      It’s a great way to grow in our relationship with God.
      It’s a great atmosphere to learn about the Bible.
      It’s a great source for snacks.
      Enough said.

What exactly is a small group?

A small group is a group of 6 to 12 people who meet together regularly to pray, study the Bible, talk about their week and find encouragement to make it through the next one. No one can really meet all of these important needs on Sunday morning alone. Most meet in homes (highly recommended), while others meet at the church or at work, or in other various locations. Being in a small group will change your life. Why not join one?

How can I join a small group?

We will find you a group that fits, or you can start your own. To start a new group, contact Pastor Phil at the church for materials and tips.